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Adi Bezalel, Photographer and a Painter


Artist Statement / Adi Bezalel
In my work I express myself through painting and photography. Using both media, I investigate phenomena that happens inside and outside myself. In painting I examine emotional domain of events that took place in my life. In photography I explore the reality around me, using landscapes, body parts, naturestills and sometimes I use staged photography.

My photography is self-conscious and is looking for layers of enchanting magic while maintaining the original context of real world images. For example, a photograph of a bed sheet that can be interpreted as a desert, but then a mattress pops out at the bottom of the photo.

My main research topic is how spiritual beliefs of people are embodied in materials. That is why I traveled to the holy city of Varanasi in India and studied the many ceremonies that believers hold at the banks of the Ganges River. This was also the reason for going to the Vatican in Rome, and wandering through Jerusalem and its surroundings.

I found that embodiment of beliefs in materials is in natural objects and not necessarily in actions that humans do. In the way that human position himself and in relation to them.  On the side of the water over the stone and the light.

In my opinion, people all over the world are made of identical materials and their belief is based on same needs, but the personal  interpretation of each culture presents it to the world in a different way.

In the photographic research I look for material that connects all cultures, by creating unification of a shape that repeats itself in different ways in different cultures. The final interpretation I leave open to the viewer.

My research is accompanied by anthropological and sociological examination and when I exhaust certain direction of photography, I turn to treat it in the way that affected me emotionally in painting , illustration or video media work in stop motion technique.

Thank you and best regards'

Adi Bezalel


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