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Tradition for Life by Neria Bluman

Tradition for life


Tradition is a peculiar phenomenon. On one hand, the tradition is distant, taken place years back, somewhere in a far land. On the other hand, tradition is every day, every look in the mirror, every day you are with your Grandpa, in the street when someone says you look so much like Grandma, and what a shame they are no longer with us.

My tradition is a combination of the two. It is a will to hear another story from my Grandpa, who is starting to forget. It is to find old objects, like a menorah, like rare stones, and understand what their origin, even if sometimes it seems like just another fairy tale.

The prayers , the songs in the special synagogue at `Bet Israel` community. Holidays, that memory placed in the most pleasant area in the brain, causing just smile and longing for another time...

The lullabies in an ancient language, which we do not know what they mean, but they make us fall asleep anyway.

I have experienced the tradition a bit different. The family that came to Israel, became very small. And most of them are no longer with us. But we know everything, and the things we do not know, could be completed by only looking at the strong men and women, their wonderfully pleasant character, with a twinkle in their eyes that I hope my children will get to see.

For me I wish, that tradition will not vanish in the wake of a present need, and will remain with us forever, even if in small parts of our life.

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