? Jews Discovered the Caves in Afghanistan

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Jews Discovered the Caves in Afghanistan

In late 2011 we were informed through the media for exposing the ancient Jewish manuscripts Valley County Smngan Dre Yusuf northern Afghanistan. Treasure discovered documents dated to the Middle Ages, the century - 10 CE, and may shed light on an area where there was known about Jewish life. The results show that there probably was vibrant Jewish life. The region is the Silk Road trade route between Iran and China. Shepherds who passed saw foxes that lined the back of a cave in securities and burrowed them. Curious shepherds arose and there was a short path to the antique dealers. In Geniza Afghan there are about 150 pieces, but perhaps that's just tapped into the Treasury's extensive Jewish archive. Manuscripts are in Hebrew, Judeo - Arabic and Persian - Jewish and part unknown. Some of the manuscripts have Jalalayn of Jeremiah, with a score Bavli, a finding that is unmatched in the world. There Jalalayn Book of Psalms and Persian Jewish midrashim. Arabic documents - the connections existing between Jewish Rabbi Saadia Gaon, which include the famous connection against indicator Hbllachi. Some of the documents match the Cairo Geniza and some do not. There are passages of poetry, including a section lament the death of someone important, and biblical interpretations, bills of sale and transactions of merchants. Also found objects such as leather cover has been preserved, pieces of a prayer shawl, objects of wood, rings engraved in Hebrew, and more. There is a money purchase the manuscripts, is also not clear who all hold different bits and there is a danger Khmer scattered around the world and make it difficult to follow. In recent years have created a research Paris and London with Prof. Shaul Shaked on Afghan archives and since he explores these findings. Meanwhile, much of the visible is obscure. Mr. BenZion Yehoshua Jewish scholar and ethical Afghan staff member of the community website was out to meet the Professor Shaul Shaked Afghanistan's most prominent researchers in the researcher of these findings, and hear what he said about the Afghan archives.

Afghanistan Genizah book cover courtesy of Prof. Shaul Shaked

Left to right: Prof. Shaul Shaked and Ben - Zion Joshua Raz during the interview

Persian Ethics section - Jewish Bdstk R, Lui Yekutiel

Hebrew and Jewish Persian Yekutiel Bdstk

Cover of the binding revealed findings similar to the Afghan archives

View the interview below.








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